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Buy a Phone & Find a Plan!

Showcasing one of the largest selections of new-to-you phones in the city, we always keep up with the latest trends, plans and new providers that become available. Most recently, we caught our eye on a cell phone service provider that rivals many others when it comes to economical plans!

If you’re looking for an affordable, month-to-month plan with no contract, no credit checks and no hidden fees, simply visit Public Mobile, order a SIM card for $10, activate it and choose from several incredibly inexpensive plans, or better yet – Create your OWN! Public Mobile runs on the largest Canadian mobile network (Bell/Telus) and have a great support system, as well as a loyalty program.

Did we mention? – NO HIDDEN FEES. NO CREDIT CHECKS. NO CONTRACTS. Just bring your phone (and better yet, buy one from us!) and the rest is easy. Keep things simple in a complicated world.

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