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STOCK WANTED: Custom Gaming PCs

Stock Wanted: Custom Gaming PCs

Custom Gaming PCs are in high demand at both of our stores. That means we can pay a premium on anything gaming! Keep in mind we only buy computers that have valid windows license stickers. We also only buy computers with Windows 7 or over. Otherwise we can buy them for parts! We give even more on store credit trade ins!

Any builds with Nvidia graphics cards that are Kepler or newer (i.e GTX 760) or any AMD graphics cards that are Rx 300 or newer (i.e R9 370) are in particularly high demand!

We can also pay a premium on builds with a Core I series processor (I3-I7) or a Solid State Drive.

Here’s how you get the most!

Your computer is fully functional.
Your computer is clean (dust blown out, case wiped down)
You bring in any extra components (extra hard drives, oldish gpu)
You bring in any accessories (keyboard, mouse, monitor)

Things to keep in mind…

Don’t forget your valid government issued photo ID!
We require one day of testing to make sure everything works on the PC (We will agree on a price before hand)
There is a $50 Windows reformat fee if we test your item and you change your mind about selling the item to us (this is just because we have to put a lot of employee time into testing the item)

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