Digital World’s 24th Anniversary is this weekend!


From June 8th-10th enjoy up to 50% off every pre-owned item in BOTH stores! No pre-owned item is less than 25% off!*

Computers, guitars, jewelry. Yes even jewelry is up to 50% off This is the BEST time of year to go to Digital World, or Evergreen Traders!

Everyone buys video games from us because they’re the best deal in town. Up to 50% off on them too!

Lots of tools, collectibles, and other items will be on for a big discount!

June 8th, 9th, and 10th, at Evergreen Traders & Digital World. Be there!
In the meantime, you can check out our inventory at shop.455cash.com. 🤗

*Some terms and exceptions apply.
– Some extra premium items wont be eligible for the sale, i.e Gibson Black Beauty, Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Strat.
– The Deals are for everyone but you’ll save at least an extra 10% by downloading our smartphone app. With it you can browse our inventory, get updated with new deals, and check on the status of your loans & layaways. 


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