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Creeping in @ Evergreen Traders: Little Nightmares

July’s almost over! So it’s basically almost Hallowe’en. In the spirit of Hallowe’en, you wanna talk about a modern-day creepy game? ‘Cuz Little Nightmares definitely takes the cake. The gritty, uncomfortable, but terrifyingly-tempting cake.

You play as a little girl who finds herself in the confines of a vessel known as the Maw, and as it is crawling with monsters that are hungry for her flesh and bones, she makes the bold decision to escape the depths of the Maw, encountering some incredibly unsettling enemies and clever puzzles along the way.

Here’s a sneak-peak of the gameplay if you can stomach it – but be warned, it’s a bit disturbing (and slightly spoilerish):

Feeling brave? We have an in-box Six Edition copy of Little Nightmares, which comes with a hard copy of the game and a Six figurine. A real find for anyone who is a fan of the game or who can appreciate the wonderfully grim Tim Burton-esque art style used to perfection in this story.

Come pick it up or view it on our website here!

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