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Fire Emblem Three Houses for Nintendo Switch, High Def Baddy Slayin’ Waifu Marryin’ Action.

By July 20, 2018 No Comments

Full disclosure here, Fire Emblem is my favourite game series of all time. Despite the flaws, from the quirkiness of Fire Emblem Gaiden (the 2nd game in the series), to the waifu mania of the 3Ds games i never miss a title, and have played through them all at least once. (Fire emblem Warriors doesn’t count)

My favourite Fire Emblem game? Probably Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword on GBA (or just “fire emblem”). As like many that was my introduction to the series. My 2nd favourite game is probably Radiant Dawn on the Wii. Although graphics are not why people play Fire Emblem (one of it’s perks it how well it works on handheld consoles) it’s still awesome to once in a while see all your characters battle it out on the big screen.

Radiant Dawn was released 11 years ago, and is still the best looking Fire Emblem game to date. I bought a Wii U hoping I’d get another console Fire Emblem game to no avail and to this day Fire Emblem has never been in a resolution greater than 480p.

I’ll put up with all the weeb waifu nonsense I have to if it means I get to crush generic bad guys with my OP pegasus knight in 1080p.

Just please let the game be difficult, let it have permadeath, and make the maps good.

Not too much to ask amirite?

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