It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take [Zelda Monopoly Home With You]!

By August 1, 2018 No Comments

If you possess the Wisdom of a swindling, Scrooge-like penny-pincher, the Power to claim both Boardwalk and Parkplace before anyone else can pass go and collect $200, and the Courage to risk losing all of your friends at the cost of your insatiable bloodthirst for complete and total property and banking dominance, we’ve got the perfect Monopoly-Zelda hybrid for you. It’s called…Zelda Monopoly. And what with how many other Zelda nerds I chat with on a daily basis, I’m surprised it’s still in our shop. I’ve got my own set at home, actually, and it’s an excellent addition to my ever-growing Zelda Collection.

I just marked it down, so come add it to your own Zelda collection while it’s still here!

Check it out here!

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