Boxing Week Sale Details!

By December 26, 2018 No Comments

Digital World & Evergreen Traders are having a Boxing Week Sale!

The sale is from December 27th – 31st.

Almost all of our used inventory is on sale, with items we’ve had 6 months and longer up to 50% off! Most inventory is at least taxes in. Yes that includes jewelry!

As an added bonus, get 10% of your purchase as a gift card you can use after the sale! If you spend $100 you get a $10 gift card! (Minimum purchase of $100 before tax.)

Here are some good deals. Check out shop.455cash.com or come visit us for many more discounts!

Video Game Consoles

Didn’t get an Xbox One for Christmas? Save the tax! Feeling a little more portable a little more… 3D(s)? Digital World has one on sale for 100 bucks!

Musical Instruments

Do you really like the color orange? Like really? Check out Evergreen Traders’ Fender Affinity Stratocaster. We’ve nicknamed it the creamsicle. Save the tax from now until the new year.

In the mood to get a noise complaint? Digital World’s Randall Kirk Hammett Signature guitar amp will get you evicted just in time for you to make a new years resolution. 36% off at Digital World.


Maybe you missed a golden opportunity for a gift this Christmas and that pack of socks didn’t cut it. This tri-coloured bracelet is sure to get you back in her good graces. If not nothing will.

Want to pop the question? Not only will we sell you our diamond engagement rings taxes in, we’ll also give you our best advice on how to do it. (Please note: The vast majority of our staff is not married. You don’t want relationship advice from them.)


Get this WWII medal for $20 taxes in. Just don’t try convincing anyone you were there. Digital World has some cool Coca-Cola memorabilia if you want to celebrate many years of teeth decay.