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Trevor Rivett


I was born here in Fredericton and I'm proud to call it my home. I've been into computers since I first saw a TRS-80 Model I back in 1979. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, sailing, or riding my bike.

Pierce Bailey

Operations Manager

This dude runs the show when the owner is not around. He likes high end watches and explaining to other people why they're wrong. Outside of work is a mystery as he likes his privacy. Rumor has is that he's a Path of Exile god.

Chris Thompson

Marketing Director

Chris is many things, jewelry expert, computer nerd, and video game guru. But he's also our Marketing Director! (Which also means he wrote this... in the third person. Hi people). If you message our Digital World or Evergreen Traders Facebook page, or email us at you're probably talking to Chris. That means there's no one better at getting you answers quick.

Chris specializes in cell phones, computers, and video games. Even more than that, he always has a smile on his face. Buying, selling, or getting a loan, Chris does it with the most enthusiasm!

Kerry Macdonald

Sales Associate

Kerry is a jewelry specialist at Evergreen Traders. She brings high levels of energy and empathy to the workplace. Her and Chris P are in constant competition for the title of Evergreen Traders hardest working employee.

Sabrina Thibodeau

Team Lead

Sabrina's product expertise has a very broad scope. Whether you need help with a guitar, computer or diamond ring, Sabrina knows her stuff!

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