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Chris Peig

Sales Associate

Chris is one of Evergreen Trader's computer experts... and that's not an exaggeration. Chris has worked in the IT industry since there was, you know an IT industry. If Chris can't solve it, it's probably unsolvable, in that case he's the person to go to to pick out your next computer.

Aside from computers Chris is one of our hardest workers. You never have to worry about someone not trying hard enough when you deal with Chris. He will figure it out!

Byron Morash

Computer Wizard

Byron is Evergreen Trader's resident computer wizard. On the off chance you catch Byron not helping a customer get their computer working you'll find him showing new staff members the ropes, or helping a customer make their perfect purchase. Byron is also one of our most experienced loan staff. If you need a loan, and want professionalism and great service, Byron is the man!

Whether it's building your dream PC, or getting cash fast, there's no one with more experience than Byron.

Ashley Sanford

Sales & Loans

Ashley comes to us after a long and unfulfilling career in personal finance. As a result of this, she brings with her a lack of a soul and an inability to read social cues appropriately. This has made her heard to teach –but we’re a company who likes a challenge. Ashley has a wealth of knowledge on the weird and wonderful, but if she can’t answer your questions, she can match you up with someone who can. She enjoys translating black metal band names and high fives. No matter what she says, however – pizza is not an acceptable method of payment. And no, she cannot see in your windows at night

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