Google Pixel 3


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NOTE: The price is conditional upon physical inspection of the phone. We may offer a lower price if we currently have too many in stock. You can check our current inventory here.

We do not buy broken phones, phones with dead batteries, or phones with cracked screens.

You must be the legal owner of the phone and it cannot be on a current contract or payment plan.

Steps to selling your phone:

  • Have your provider (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc) unlock the phone for you if it is not already unlocked
  • Sign out of any accounts on the phone and remove any passwords or locks. Backup, then erase your data from the phone.
  • Perform a factory reset on the phone to make sure all personal information is erased. Click here for instructions.
  • Make sure the battery is charged so we can test the phone.
  • Bring it in to either store with a piece of government issued, photo ID.
  • Walk out with extra cash in your pocket!

To get the most money from your used phone, make sure it’s clean and includes any packaging or accessories that originally came with it.

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