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Mike McMeekin

Music Specialist

Mike is one of Evergreen Trader's music staff, with a particular interest in guitars, and all things heavy metal. Mike maintains our collection as good as anyone and is the guy to go to if you need purchasing advice, or a sweet deal on a guitar, electric or acoustic. He's played in roughly 42,000 bands so he knows a thing or two about Fredericton's music scene. Mike gives free appraisals on guitar so just ask for him if you need a hand!

Pierce Bailey

Operations Manager

This dude runs the show when the owner is not around. He likes high end watches and explaining to other people why they're wrong. Outside of work is a mystery as he likes his privacy. Rumor has it that he's a Path of Exile god.

Brad Kenney

Sales Associate

Brad is the man when it comes to reliably giving you good customer service, everytime. He's super fun to be around and you'll always know Brad's in the store by his trademark laugh. Ask for his Mickey Mouse impression, it's gold.

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