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Kat Adam-MacEwan

Sales & Graphic Design

Kat is our resident video game expert and graphic designer. She's also the bomb. If you ever have a desire to buy or sell retro videogames Kat is the person to talk to. Just be prepared for a conversation if you bring up pokemon. Kat reallly likes pokemon. Being our graphic designer means that most logos, signs, and promotional images you see are all done by Kat which makes her a real asset!

As one of our veteran employees, you can't beat Kat when it comes to help with anything in the store!

Chris Thompson

Marketing Director

Chris is many things, jewelry expert, computer nerd, and video game guru. But he's also our Marketing Director! (Which also means he wrote this... in the third person. Hi people). If you message our Digital World or Evergreen Traders Facebook page, or email us at you're probably talking to Chris. That means there's no one better at getting you answers quick.

Chris specializes in cell phones, computers, and video games. Even more than that, he always has a smile on his face. Buying, selling, or getting a loan, Chris does it with the most enthusiasm!

Justin Gallant

Sales Associate

Justin is one of Digital World's best sales associate. He brings a lot of product knowledge and empathy to the store. Justin in an expert on the latest video games and he'll help you build your collection, new or retro.

Johnathan Ullhorn

Sales Associate

John is one of Digital World's video game experts. (Read super nerd, I'm pretty sure he has a cape). He's the perfect guy to help you build your collection, retro or current gen. He's one of the friendliest guys around, so talk to John for any help you need in the store!

Jon Sobey

Sales & Loans Associate

Jon is one of Evergreen Traders sales associates, and he's a pretty rad dude. He specializes in music and current gen video games. Whether you need the perfect guitar strings, or a suggestion for your next Xbox One adventure, talk to Jon.

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