WANTED: Great Inventory – Cash Reward Paid!

The "A List"

We pay premium prices for these goods, typically 60%-75% of what we sell them for.

 Gold Jewellery & Diamonds
 Coins with precious metal content
 Luxury brand handbags
 Swiss watches
 PS4 – Any model
 XBOX One S and XBOX One X
 Nintendo Switch
 PS4 or XBOX One Controllers
 New release video games
 Top line cell phones with ownership papers (i.e. can’t be on a contract)
 LED smart TVs
 Top model LCD TVs
 High end Laptops (gaming, Mac Books, ultra thin, etc.)
 Gaming PCs with current or previous gen componants
 Gaming and other high-end PC monitors
 Current, top model PC components (video cards, SSD drives, etc)
 High end guitars
 Brand name Li-Ion cordless drills in mint shape (Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc)

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Stock Wanted

We need to fill our empty shelves so we’re paying top dollar right now!

We need to fill our empty shelves so we're paying top dollar right now! Christmas sales have cleaned us out and we are low on…
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Standard Goods

We typically pay 50% of what we sell these for.

  • XBOX One standard consoles
  • SNES and NES consoles in good condition
  • SNES and NES “triple A” games
  • Rare/valuable vintage games for other consoles
  • XBOX One, PS4, and Switch games we don’t have in stock
  • 360 and PS3 controllers
  • DS/3DS games and consoles

Budget Goods

We’re paying less because we have too many or they take a long time to sell (10-40% of sell price)

  • Blu-ray movies and players
  • CDs and Vinyl records (current release, metal or classic rock only)
  • Good quality turntables
  • Bluetooth speakers & headphones
  • LCD TVs
  • Cell Phones
  • Brand name tablets (Samsung, Apple)
  • Recent Model DSLR Cameras
  • Laptops and desktops with Windows7 or better and 4GB RAM or better
  • Previous gen, top quality PC components
  • Standard PC LCD/LED monitors
  • Brand name guitars
  • Brand name amplifiers
  • Pedals and effects boards
  • Top line keyboards
  • Brand name electronic drums
  • Good condition, brand name standard household tools
  • Signed memorabilia with certificate authenticity
  • Board games
  • Fashion brand handbags
  • XBOX One and PS4 games we already have
  • 360 and PS3 games we don’t have
  • Vintage video games
  • All game consoles not listed above

Things we don’t buy

Sorry, not for trade either and we don't even want this stuff left behind for free.

  • Home audio equipment
  • Pro audio equipment
  • Corded headphones
  • Cameras (must have features cell phones don’t – large zoom, waterproof, etc)
  • Non-current, standard PC components (ie: 500GB Hard drives, DDR2 RAM, etc)
  • Entry level instruments
  • Band instruments
  • Drum hardware (including cymbals)
  • Collectibles
  • Comic books
  • Gas powered tools
  • Specialty tools
  • DVDs and box sets
  • Anything broken or incomplete
  • Anything we are not able to test
  • Items that are excessively worn or dirty
  • “Off brand” or no-name goods
  • Old computers and laptops
  • Printers, scanners, faxes and other office equipment
  • Anything that uses a NiCad battery
  • Cables, adapters and other accessories
  • Old pop, country, or classical CDs & vinyl
  • Acoustic drum kits