WANTED: Great Inventory – Cash Reward Paid!

The "A List"

We pay premium prices for these goods, typically 60%-75% of what we sell them for.

 Gold Jewellery & Diamonds
 Coins with precious metal content
 Luxury brand handbags
 Swiss watches
 PS4 – Any model
 XBOX One S and XBOX One X
 Nintendo Switch
 PS4 or XBOX One Controllers
 New release video games
 Top line cell phones with ownership papers (i.e. can’t be on a contract)
 LED smart TVs
 Top model LCD TVs
 High end Laptops (gaming, Mac Books, ultra thin, etc.)
 Gaming PCs with current or previous gen componants
 Gaming and other high-end PC monitors
 Current, top model PC components (video cards, SSD drives, etc)
 High end guitars
 Brand name Li-Ion cordless drills in mint shape (Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc)

Have something to sell that you don't see on any of these lists? Give us a call, send us an email, or contact us via Facebook.
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August 25, 2020

Video Game Consoles Wanted- Get Top Dollar Now!

To get the most: Bring in your original box and any included accessories. Our price is for a console with one controller. We pay extra…
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Standard Goods

We typically pay 50% of what we sell these for.

  • XBOX One standard consoles
  • SNES and NES consoles in good condition
  • SNES and NES “triple A” games
  • Rare/valuable vintage games for other consoles
  • XBOX One, PS4, and Switch games we don’t have in stock
  • 360 and PS3 controllers
  • DS/3DS games and consoles

Budget Goods

We’re paying less because we have too many or they take a long time to sell (10-40% of sell price)

  • Blu-ray movies and players
  • CDs and Vinyl records (current release, metal or classic rock only)
  • Good quality turntables
  • Bluetooth speakers & headphones
  • LCD TVs
  • Cell Phones
  • Brand name tablets (Samsung, Apple)
  • Recent Model DSLR Cameras
  • Laptops and desktops with Windows7 or better and 4GB RAM or better
  • Previous gen, top quality PC components
  • Standard PC LCD/LED monitors
  • Brand name guitars
  • Brand name amplifiers
  • Pedals and effects boards
  • Top line keyboards
  • Brand name electronic drums
  • Good condition, brand name standard household tools
  • Signed memorabilia with certificate authenticity
  • Board games
  • Fashion brand handbags
  • XBOX One and PS4 games we already have
  • 360 and PS3 games we don’t have
  • Vintage video games
  • All game consoles not listed above

Things we don’t buy

Sorry, not for trade either and we don't even want this stuff left behind for free.

  • Home audio equipment
  • Pro audio equipment
  • Corded headphones
  • Cameras (must have features cell phones don’t – large zoom, waterproof, etc)
  • Non-current, standard PC components (ie: 500GB Hard drives, DDR2 RAM, etc)
  • Entry level instruments
  • Band instruments
  • Drum hardware (including cymbals)
  • Collectibles
  • Comic books
  • Gas powered tools
  • Specialty tools
  • DVDs and box sets
  • Anything broken or incomplete
  • Anything we are not able to test
  • Items that are excessively worn or dirty
  • “Off brand” or no-name goods
  • Old computers and laptops
  • Printers, scanners, faxes and other office equipment
  • Anything that uses a NiCad battery
  • Cables, adapters and other accessories
  • Old pop, country, or classical CDs & vinyl
  • Acoustic drum kits