Place an Item on Layaway

A layaway is a sales transaction where you put a 10% deposit on an item and make payments over time. There is no interest or fees charged. We hold the item until the payments are complete.

We can place any item you see on our website on layaway for you. You can then make payments from home via our Mobile App. The deposit payment must be made within 48hrs, the others will be determined by a schedule you choose. Once paid for, you can make an appointment for curbside pickup, we can deliver the item within Fredericton city limits for $12, or we can ship it to you at normal rates.

You need a smartphone and you must have our mobile app activated to start an online layaway.

The mobile app will not let you completely pay off the layaway, so just pay it down to $1, notify us, and we will post the final $1 payment for you.

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