Why sell your unwanted jewelry to Fredericton's trusted gold buyers?

Sell your gold, silver, and diamonds at Fredericton's trusted gold buyers, Digital World & Evergreen Traders and you'll get professional service, a safe environment, and the most cash!

Our staff receive extensive training to enable them to properly evaluate your precious items and make sure you get full value for them. We buy gold jewellery, sterling silver, coins & bullion, diamonds, and Swiss watches. We even buy broken jewellery! Drop by today for a no-pressure consultation.

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You can trust a local business that's been treating customers fairly for over 24 years.

We are always happy to explain exactly how we discover what your gold, diamonds and silver are worth. Everything is examined and tested right in front of you. We can determine the purity of your gold without leaving a mark using our electronic tester. We want your repeat business and we depend on word of mouth to bring in new business, so it is in our best interest to make sure you are thrilled with our offer.

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