Join us online Friday, Nov 22 @ 7pm AST

Facebook Live jewellery show and auction!

Our staff will be presenting 30 carefully curated pieces that you can bid on in real time.

We are donating a diamond necklace and diamond earrings for a charity auction.
100% of the sale of those items will be donated to Transition House.
In addition, 5% of all online jewellery sales on Friday will also be donated.

The Charity auction is open for bids from now until Friday, Nov 22 at 8pm.
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What is a Jewellery show and auction? How does it work?

The jewellery show is going to happen on Facebook Live. Two of our staff will be presenting and talking about the pieces we have available in the auction. Think “Home Shopping Network”, but on Facebook instead of TV. We strongly recommend viewing the show on a PC, laptop, or tablet as it will be presented in a full screen format that may be difficult to view on a phone. This will be a live broadcast so you will have the chance to ask questions using the comments section in Facebook. “Like” our Facebook page (link below), make sure notifications are turned on, and just be on Facebook Friday, Nov 22 at 7pm and you will see a notice in your newsfeed when we go live.

Digital World Facebook Page

The auction portion will be happening simultaneously on our website. If you see something you like, pop over to our website (link below) and you can bid on it. You will also be able to see all of the auction pieces at once and bid on any of them, even if you didn’t see them during the show. The auction will be open for just one hour, 7pm until 8pm. If you win the bid, you have 7 days to come into the store to pick up your item. You can pay with cash, debit or credit card in store. If you are not local to Fredericton, arrangements can be made for online payments via paypal or wire transfer and we can ship the item to you. Details will be sent to the winning bidder.

Auction Page

About our chosen charity, Transition House

Women in Transition House 

*Through the process of developing and providing various services and programs we will help reinforce attitudes, beliefs and values which contribute to the health of individuals and families and, ultimately the overall health of the community;

* Provides refuge for abused women & children for a time of healing. 

*Secure home for women fleeing abuse – absolutely confidential and at no cost to the women. 

**24 Hour Crisis Line**


* Can provide accommodations for up to 19 women and their children – women are allowed to stay for up to 30 days where food and other essentials are provided at no cost to them.


History of Women in Transition House

Women in Transition House first opened its doors in 1980 as a result of the hard work and dedication of a group of individuals led by Anne Crocker. Fredericton was the first city in New Brunswick to open a shelter for abused women and children.

*In 1991 the shelter was able to move to a newly renovated facility offering more room for clients. The services offered and provided have changed over the years as new resources and programs have been created and implemented throughout the province. 

*Our shelter is currently staffed by an Executive Director, an administrative support worker, full-time crisis interveners, a child support worker, and several relief staff. 


Role of Women in Transition House

Provide emotional support to women dealing with the effects of trauma

Provide information about the dynamics of abuse and its effects

Provide accompaniment to appointments

Help women make safety plans

Assessment of risk and threat 

Understand women’s process of staying, leaving and returning abusive relationships 

Help to co-ordinate systemic response between police, court services, and child protection

Advocate with police, court services, child protection when systemic response is substandard

Help women find housing – transitional or permanent

Help women deal with economic challenges

Help women to support their children with the effects of witnessing their mother’s abuse

How to find us on Facebook and join the live show

The Live show will be shown on both the Digital World and Evergreen Traders Facebook pages. To see the show, “like” either page (or both!) , “follow” it, and then be logged in to Facebook when the show starts. We highly recommend viewing the show through a larger screen such as a laptop or tablet.

Here are the direct links to our pages: Digital World & Evergreen Traders

You should be able to find either page by searching for our name in the Facebook search bar.

Once on our page, look for the thumbs up “like” button just to the bottom left of the cover photo and select it. Right beside it is the “follow” option. If follow is set to “default”, you will occasionally see some of our posts, but not all. If you want to see everything we post (incuding the show), change that to “show first”. This won’t necessarily make our content show before others on your feed, it just means that you will see most (maybe all?) of the things we post. You can change this at any time.