Maybe you’ve heard the story, or maybe its happened to you personally. Someone stops you outside a grocery store or gas station with a tale of woe – they’re in dire straits and need your help.  Stranded far from home, a sick relative needs an emergency surgery, or it’s something tragic with their pets or kids. They offer to sell you the chain they’re wearing, or the ring they have from their father. So hard to part with, but they just need the money. Desperate times, and all that, right?  They sell it to you for much less than it’s worth, and promise you’ll be able to get a great price for it anywhere that buys gold.  The details may differ, but the game is always the same. The jewelry is fake. You’re left embarrassed and angry. Out of pocket, and out of faith with humanity.

Recently we’ve seen a spike in incidents like this, and trust me, we’re as upset as you are. Most items coming through the door are stamped as 18k. We’ve seen chains with a slightly off color, and men’s rings that are rough on the inside where they should be smooth. Slight details that you might not notice right away, especially in the face of a  heartbreaking sob story.

This is bad for business, bad for our clients and bad for the city. Please be careful. Watch for anything suspicious. Trust your gut. Don’t be bullied by guilt. Don’t buy gold from people in parking lots. Don’t risk your hard earned money on something like this. We’re the experts when it comes to gold, we know what to look for and we know what has worth.  Call us if you have questions. If someone tries to sell you something, let them know we pay the highest prices in the city. Watch how they react.

And if you want something real and worthwhile, buy from us. We have staff to feed.

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