Nvidia just released their newest mid-range offering the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Ti. While like many we were disappointed in the price-performance of the RTX cards (even with Ray Tracing & DLSS turned off) it seems Nvidia is finally introducing a card that’s gimmick free. When we’re gimmick free there’s one thing we care about, price-to-performance. The 1660 Ti is selling at a $279USD MSRP currently (which is awesome). That’s $20 below the MSRP for a 1060 6GB, although it’s worth noting that it wasn’t uncommon for cards to go for $249USD. Benchmarks for the 1660 Ti give it roughly 40% more performance over the 1060 6GB. Even at the $249USD price point for the GTX 1060 6GB that’s a 25% price-performance increase in the 1660 Ti’s favor. Unlike the RTX cards which have terrible price-performance (with the exception of the RTX 2060, which can hardly use ray-tracing anyway) it seems we have something that’s worth calling next gen in the 1660 Ti.

It makes you wonder what the price on a hypothetical RTX 2060 without the RT cores would be.

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