If you’re worried about buying used goods, we have you covered with our new Protection Plan!

Starting today, you can save smartly by protecting your used items with our protection plan! 

What is the Protection Plan?

The Protection Plan gives you peace of mind when buying a secondhand item from our stores for 365 days after the purchase date. The Protection Plan is not transferable to any other item or person. If you have issues with your item and have purchased the Protection Plan, you must bring the warrantied item to one of our locations, where the store will evaluate how to proceed.

I have an issue with my item under Protection Plan, what will you do?

Evergreen Traders will:

  1. Repair the product covered by the Protection Plan; or
  2. Replace the item with an item of equal specifications or value; or
  3. Refund the purchase price of such products covered by the Protection Plan if items cannot be repaired or replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

What is not covered?

The Protection Plan does not include:

  1. Items that stop functioning because of Customer damage, physical damage, or improper use; or
  2. Support for any products not purchased as part of the Protection Plan Agreement such as peripherals, attachments, or modifications made by the Customer; or
  3. On-site support for the Customer; or
  4. Related installation or trouble shooting; or
  5. Support for any software of any kind.

Please not:

  • The Protection Plan is non-refundable.
  • The Protection Plan is purchasable in store only.

For more information on our Protection Plan please visit www.455cash.com/policies

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