We want your quality brand name guitars and other instruments. After our big sale our music room is a looking a little bare so we’re paying top dollar to re-stock the shelves. We’re looking for all the top brands, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, ESP, Martin, Taylor, Washburn, etc. If you bought it from us, Tony’s or L&M, we probably want it! If you got it from Walmart or Costco, probably not.

We are also buying keyboards, amplifiers, effects pedals/boards, ukuleles, electric drum kits, hand drums and PA equipment. Sorry, we don’t take acoustic drum kits.

Need some cash but don’t want to part with your instrument? Ask us about using it to get a loan.

We also offer consignment for high end or specialty pieces. We will display your instrument in store and on our website. We will also try to sell it through a network of over 1000 pawnshops and on Reverb. We take care of all payments and shipping.

Just bring your gear down to Digital World at 524 Smythe st or Evergreen Traders at 170 Main st for an evaluation. You can also contact us through Facebook at facebook.com/455cash and send us a pic of what you have and how much you want and we can tell you if you should bring it in.