How to pick up your pawned item(s):

  1. Book an appointment for “curbside” pickup.
  2. Wait for confirmation of your appointment.
  3. Come to the store at your scheduled time. Knock, show your ID to the staff and then wait outside.
  4. Debit payments under $250 will be “tapped” through the window. Over $250 and we will have you step inside and the machine will be waiting for you. Cash payments can be made if you have exact change and can count it out in front of us.
  5. We will verify payment and then bring your item(s) and the redeem slip to a table by the door.
  6. Wait until we have closed the door, then check your item(s), sign for it/them (with your own pen please!) and leave.

UPDATE (April 20) - E-transfer is no longer necessary.

You can now use debit to pay at the door. For payments under $250, we ask you to tap your card through the window. For debit payments over $250, we will prepare the machine and leave it on a cart just inside the door for you to use. The machine is being wiped down between each use.

If absolutely necessary, you can pay with cash. We don’t have cash on site so you will need exact change, we can;t make it for you. If paying with cash, you will come inside the door and count out the money in front of an employee and then leave it on the cart/table for the employee to pick up after you leave.

Making a loan payment

You can also book appointment to make payments at the store if necessary. Payments can be made with debit or cash as described above.

For everyone’s safety, we would MUCH rather you make extension or renewal payments from home using our mobile app. You can fill out the form below to request an access code for the app.

You can also use the mobile app to check the amount on your loan, get reminders when it’s due, search our sales inventory and get quotes for new loans.

Book a Time

Request Mobile Pawn Activation

Fill out this form and we will text you a link to install the Mobile Pawn app as well as a 4 digit activation code to link it to your account.

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