Money in your pocket when you need it most.

Life happens and anyone can find themselves a little short once and a while. We can help with convenient, confidential access to cash with no credit checks necessary.

A Pawn loan is a short term, non-recourse, collateral loan. What does that mean? Simply put, we loan you money, you leave us an item to hold until you pay back the loan. If you choose not to pay back the loan, “non-recourse” means “no problem”. It doesn’t affect your credit or future ability to borrow.

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How does it work?


Bring in an item of value.

Don't forget to bring your photo ID too! Check out our department pages to see which items can get you the most money.

Our experts will evaluate it.

To get maximum value for your item, please bring in all included accessories and make sure everything is clean and in working condition. You should remove any private data from electronic devices.

Walk out with CASH!

Well, we still need to test your item and do some paperwork. The whole process usually takes about 15 minutes, depending on the item. Gold can be tested very quickly, computers may take longer.
Find out what your collateral is worthFind out what your collateral is worth

What does it cost?

Standard Loan

% 10

Per Term

15 Day Term

Default length is 2 terms (30 days)

$5 minimum redeem charge

May be extended 15 or 30 days at a time

Principal payments possible

Premium Loan

% 7.5

Per Term

15 Day Term

Default length is 2 terms (30 days)

For loans of $500 or more

May be extended 15 or 30 days at a time

Principal payments possible

VIP Loan

% 5

Per Term

15 Day Term

Default length is 2 terms (30 days)

For loans of $500 or more

For small items that hold their value

(ie Gold, Diamonds, watches, etc)

May be extended 15 or 30 days at a time

Principal payments possible

APR Disclosure: Pawn loans are not intended for long term financing but rather to assist with short-term relief from financial hardships. Pawn loans include an interest component at a maximum of 20% monthly billed in 15 day segments (max 240% APR) with no additional fees. For example, a $100 pawn loan would cost $110 if repaid within 15 days ($100 in principal plus $10 interest). The standard term is 30 days, but the loan can be extended to 60,90 or more days by making a minimum interest payments. There is no maximum term, but we do not recommend carrying these loans for more than 90 days. Please contact us for options if you find yourself in that situation. Principal payments are allowed at any time during the loan and interest will only continue on the remaining balance. Payments can be made via our mobile app, or in person at our store at 170 Main st., Fredericton NB, E3A 1C8. We can be reached by phone or text at 455-2274.

Want to know more?

Why would someone get a pawn loan?

Imagine that, like most Canadians, you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you suddenly find yourself with an unexpected bill (maybe your car broke down and needs repair). What are your options? You could ask friends or family for money, but that can be embarrassing and lead to bad feelings later on. You could use a credit card (if you have one), but if you don’t remember to pay it off quickly, then you end up paying only interest. A payday loan is extremely expensive and has no flexible repayment terms. A pawn loan is cheaper than a payday loan, is easy to get, and is the only loan that doesn’t trap you in a cycle of debt because you can choose to forfeit your collateral and simply walk away without penalty.

When is my loan due?

The standard contract is for 30 days from the time you get the loan. Custom terms for some items can be negotiated when you get the loan.  Your loan can last more than 30 days with extension payments.

You can always check the due date and amount owing on your loans via our phone app (see main page for links). You can also check your loans on our shopping website here.

You can call us to check on your loans. Just remember to have your ID handy so we can verify your identity and keep your loan information confidential.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow as much as you need. $50? $500? $5,000? Sure! Of course, we will need collateral of equal value to secure the loan. When asking for a loan, the answer is always “yes”, what is up for negotiating is the items needed to match the loan.

There is no minimum amount you have to borrow, but keep in mind that there is a $5 minimum fee to redeem the loan. That means if you borrow $10, you will have to pay back $15.

How to you decide what my item is worth?

Precious metal and diamond values are based on market prices. We subscribe to pricing services that allow us to follow the market. Bear in mind that the market trades at wholesale values and most jewellery stores mark up their goods as much as 400% above wholesale.

For other goods, we use a combination of online resources and our own experience to determine value. We typically loan at 40-50% of the price at which we would sell an item. For example, if an item is $300 new, we may want to sell it for $200 and would loan you $80-$100. Premium items get better value, things we have too many of may be worth less. Check the “stock wanted” blog posts to see which items are commanding higher values right now.

Can I have more than one loan?

Of course! No need to go to another shop, we want all your loan business! The status of one loan has no effect on any other loans you may have with us.

What is an extension or renewal?

An extension is an interest payment made to gain some extra time (15 days) on the loan. Maybe your loan is due today but you only get paid next week. You could make a payment to keep your loan active until payday.

A renewal is a 30 day extension with all interest being paid. The advantage of a renewal is that it allows you to change the principal (amount you owe) at the same time. Have some extra cash? Pay down the loan a little. Need some more money? We’ll see if your item has untapped value that you can use.

Is my item safe with you?

It is probably safer with us than in your home! Do you have a state of the art security system? 24hr hi-def video surveillance? Steel gates across windows and doors at night? A fire suppression system? A bank vault?

All items remain untouched by anyone while in our care. Your item is tagged with a bar coded ID that allows us to see the exact shelf or compartment where your item is located. Small valuables are stored inside a locked compartment, inside a safe, inside a bank vault (or reinforced room).

Our computer system keeps track on when loans are due and will not allow any item to be priced and put out for sale as long as the loan is active.

What items do you accept as collateral?

We want to loan you money so we will do our best to accommodate whatever you may have. Some items are just not feasible for us to store or sell such as large appliances or furniture. Check out our department pages to get an idea of what the most common items are. When in doubt, just call or email us to ask about your item.

Remember that you must be the legal owner of the item you wish to pawn. You do not legally own “rent to own” items, cell phones on a contract, or most other financed items. We cannot take items belonging to a family member or common law spouse. The marital property act says that you have a right to your partner’s things, but if you want to stay married, we recommend pawning your own stuff!

What do I need to bring to pick up my loan?

You will need your photo ID. Just the pawn slip is not enough (although it makes things a little faster).

While this policy can sometimes be inconvenient, it is necessary for your own protection. You wouldn’t want us to accidentally give your valuables to a stranger would you?

What happens if I can't pay back the loan?

Maybe you’re a little behind this month, or maybe you simply realized that you don’t really need the item anymore. Either way, it’s ok. We still want to see you come back again.

You can always get another loan, and letting one loan go doesn’t affect the status of any other loans.

When the loan reaches it’s due date and payment has not been made, then ownership of the item transfers to us. We will do our best to try to call you, but we can’t guarantee that. You can sign up to have a courtesy reminder sent to you via text, or you will automatically get one if you have our mobile app.

If you choose to leave the item behind, then we will usually sell it in store. Some items go directly online, and some precious metal items get recycled. If you see your item in the store and decide you want it back, the loan can be reactivated for a $10 fee (plus interest owing).

Do I have to come in to make payments?

You extend (15 days) or renew (30 days) your loan any time via our mobile app without coming in to the store. Payment is made via Paypal or credit card. You can also check the status of your loan and get reminders when it is due. To install the app, just click on one of the links below. You can activate it yourself with a current loan ticket receipt, or you can call the store to have a 4 digit activation code sent to you.

You will need to come in to redeem your loan or to make principal payments.

Download Android version.

Download Apple Version.

Can someone else make payments for me?

You can send someone else in to make a payment as long as they have the transaction number and the exact amount of the payment. For privacy reasons, we cannot give them any information about the loan, including the amount owing. You will have to provide them with that information. We also cannot give them a receipt (again to protect your privacy), but we can print one for you next time you are in the store.

If you want someone else to be able to have access to your loan information, you will need to fill out and sign a form in store authorizing them to do so. Both of you will need your photo ID.

Can someone else pick up my loan?

Only if you have pre-authorized them to do so. You will need to fill out and sign a form in store authorizing them to have access to your loans. They will need to be present so we can record their photo ID.

In extreme circumstances, you can write us a letter authorizing someone to make a one time pick up of your loan. A photocopy of your ID will need to be included with the letter.

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