Evergreen Traders currently has an awesome gaming laptop in stock.

Introducing the MSI GT75 Titan 8RF. Fully equipped with everything you need to have an amazing gaming experience.  And more.

Here’s the specs.

CPU: Intel Core I7-8750H 6 Core 2.2GHZ, turbos up to 4.1GHZ
Ram: 16GB DDR4 Memory
Harddrive: 500GB SSD + 1TB SATA
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
O/S: Windows 10

Price: $1799.99

On top of the paper specs this gaming rig has a lot going for it. It’s got a built in mechanical keyboard by Cooler Master and a high refresh rate 1080p IPS panel with amazing viewing angels. What makes this all even better is the GPU & CPU are cooled by more powerful fans than your average gaming laptop which means little to no thermal throttling. This means you’re pretty much getting the full GTX 1070 experience in a laptop.

At 1080p, this laptop will play every game on the marked, with no compromises.

For only $207 you can put this laptop on layaway and be sure it’s going to be yours. The truth is that these guys are $3000 brand new before shipping and tax. At our store you get one with a FREE 90 day warranty, and save yourself $1200.