****UPDATE MAY 16, 2019****

We have had a tremendous response from this post and are now quite well stocked! We are still buying Disney, Pixar, and other kids titles for cash. We are buying most other blu-ray titles for store-credit now (still $3 each credit), and will pay cash again once our stock dwindles. We are currently buying DVDs for 50 cents, but are also quite well stocked now so we are selective. Thank you for you understanding and support!


Our movie shelves are looking empty so for a limited time we are offering a minimum of $3 cash for good condition Blur Ray movies! [only exception – if we have too many of one title – currently only Twilight series and 300 fit that description]

New releases and other collectible or hard to get titles are worth more, usually at least $4-5 each. Please note, if staff offer you $3 for something you think is worth more, they are not trying to be unfair, they probably just don’t recognize it as a valuable title. Let them know if you think something is worth more and they will double check the price.

Disney, Pixar and some other kids titles can be worth more than $5. We will price those individually.

We normally pay 50 cents for DVDs, but right now we will pay $1 each. Again, certain titles can be worth more.

We want your TV box sets on Blu Ray format too! Most of these are priced individually. Prices vary widely on this stuff. If it’s a hit show currently on the air (ie Game of Thrones) you’ll get top dollar for it. Just don’t expect much for old sitcoms that haven’t been on the air in 20 years.

*Original Post Date: March 28, 2019*