To get the most: Bring in your original box and any included accessories. Our price is for a console with one controller. We pay extra for additional controllers. Make sure your system is clean and your personal info is erased.

We do not participate in price gouging. We sell Switch systems at what we feel is a fair price, $349.

We can’t pay you the same price we would sell it for. We can offer you a safe, convenient, “no-hassle” way to sell or trade in your unused system or games.

We need game consoles!

So we are paying premium prices to get them!

Nintendo Switch

We are paying up to $300 cash or $325 trade/credit value.

Sony PlayStation 4

As much as:
$225 cash or $260 credit for PS4 1TB
$300 cash or $350 credit for PS4 Pro


As much as:
$225 cash or $250 credit for One S
$300 cash or $350 credit for One X

Retro Games

We want your vintage systems too! NES, SNES, N64, etc.
We will even still buy PS3 and XBOX 360 for the right price.

…but wait, there’s more:

We want games too!

Up to $50 cash paid for current titles!

Trade-in and save the tax!