*UPDATE* – Monday, April 6 – We are now available by appointment only. Web sale pickups and pawn loan redeems are available for both stores. New loans on a limited set of items are available at Digital World only.

The appointment calendar is now online. You can access it at 455cash.com/book. All transactions will be zero contact, meaning there will be glass between you and our employee. Payment will be via our website, mobile app or e-transfer.

Click here for instructions for loan redeem e-transfers.

We realize that there are limited times available for appointments right now but we currently don’t have enough staff available for more. If the calendar fills up, we will do our best to bring in some more staff to free up some more appointment slots.

We are answering the phones when possible, but we are not keeping regular hours. You can send us a message via the website contact us page, or via Facebook messenger. We are working on setting up text messaging to our main phone numbers.

For the safety of our staff, PLEASE DO NOT come to the store if you have traveled outside of the province, if you are supposed to be self-quarantined, if you are exhibiting any cold symptoms, or if you are unable to respect social distancing.

Don’t forget, layaway and loan payments can be made remotely via our Mobile App. Call, email, or message us via Facebook to get an activation code to link your account to the app.

There are many people who depend on us for short term financial emergencies and we will do our best to continue to serve them.

We are asking employees who are showing any symptoms of being sick (even with just a regular cold) to stay home. We would ask the same of customers as well.

Consider Shopping Online

Our entire inventory is posted online at shop.455cash.com. You can email us or call us with any questions you have about any of our products. We will be announcing delivery options soon.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re wishing all of our customers good health!

If you would like to receive an email news from us, including when we re-open or change hours, please fill out the form below:

PS: Happy April 6th day fellow STU Alumni!

For more information about Covid-19 itself (or if you landed on this page in error), please visit Health Canada.