Have you ever wanted to have an insane modern metal tone at the fraction of the cost of AxeFX?  Misha Mansoor and Horizon devices have announced the impending release of their Apex Preamp, which boasts 3 noise gates that work in tandem which generate a tight tone for rhythm sections and solos.  Being a preamp, you also have the ability to plug it directly into your audio interface, or use the Apex before your pedal board and plug it directly into front of house eliminating the need for an amp live!  It is optimized for use with solid state and tube amp, as well as has true bypass so there is no signal loss!

If you plan on using the Apex in a recording setting, it has a built in cab simulator with 360 degree mic placement.  This device is surprisingly diverse and would be a great addition to any metal or rock musicians set up, and it could be yours $299.00 (USD).  For a tech demo check out the video below for a tech demo from the one and only Keith Merrow.


You can pre-oder one here; https://horizondevices.com/products/apex-preamp but act fast they’re only doing a limited run of 500!





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